United States Constitution

I have long been fascinated by the United States Constitution.  Most Americans take it for granted and do not understand what a remarkable achievement it was for its time.  In 1787, a group of free citizens gathered together to create the founding document—from which their republican government was to spring ex nihilo—that would both frame and limit governmental power.  It doesn’t give us rights, but rather protects the natural rights that each person has before forming a government.

However, the US Constitution wasn’t without controversy and opposition.  Some thought it gave the federal government too much power, others thought it too weak.  There remains the question of whether the assembled Constitutional Convention even had the authority to abandon the Articles of Confederation and write an entirely new Constitution.  James Madison originally fought against the need for a Bill of Rights, but several states refused to ratify the Constitution unless it was added.  He argued that unenumerated individual rights were implied due to the limits on government to infringe them; however, almost 230 years later Americans who value liberty can point to specific Amendments to defend their rights against government intrusion.

Below are favorite books in my personal library that I have read or consulted when studying the US Constitution.

Primary Sources

United States Constitution

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Secondary Sources

Basic Interpretation

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Advanced Analysis

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