Website Recommendation: BookBub

BookBub New for You

Generally I prefer to buy print books rather than ebooks. However, I own a NOOK ebook reader and I do buy ebooks, especially when I can find them at a low price. For discounted ebooks I use BookBub.

BookBub finds heavily discounted ebooks, audiobooks, and even print books. While I buy all my ebooks from Barnes & Noble, BookBub links to ebooks from all major retailers: Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, and Kobo. In the BookBub settings, you can choose the formats you want and also the retailer(s).

BookBub Retailer & Format Preferences

I have well over 150 ebooks on my NOOK and probably 90% of them were purchased as discounted books via BookBub. Prices for ebooks are typically $0.99 to $2.99 with the occasional free offer. The books are not purchased from BookBub, but from the actual retailers. I estimate I buy one to three ebooks each month via BookBub.

BookBub Email

You don’t need to visit the website to find ebook offers. Depending on your choice, BookBub will email you once a day or once a week. I get daily emails that include between six and twelve ebook deals. In the settings, you choose which categories you are interested in from many fiction and nonfiction genres.

I have no affiliation with BookBub, I just like the service and highly recommend it for filling your e-reader with ebooks at a low price.