New Year’s Day at Ponce Inlet

A few days before the end of the year (2019) my friend A. sent me a message saying she wanted to search for rocks and shells at Ponce Inlet on New Year’s Day. The weather was expected to be good, so we made plans. I met her at the shop where she dropped off her car for some work and we drove the twenty minutes down to Ponce Inlet. We climbed on the boulders, A. looking for rocks and me taking photos.

Ponce Inlet
Ponce Inlet Rock

This rock had flakes of silver color that shone in the sun, which A. liked.

I liked the lighthouse and worked to find the best angle to photograph it.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse
Ponce Inlet Houses

After a few hours we decided to hike a short bit of Ponce Preserve. I had already hiked the entire park for one of my 50 hikes, but A. had not been there before.

Ponce Preserve
Ponce Preserve Porsche

We worked up an appetite, we put the top down and headed to Mellow Mushroom in Port Orange. Both of us really enjoyed our lunch. On the way home, A. got a message that her car was ready so I returned her to the shop. The day out was a relaxing, low-key way to start the new year.