My First Porsche Service

Porsche South Orlando

Since last December, my Porsche has been warning me to get an “Interm. Service Now” every time turned the key. I wanted to have its first service done at the dealership, Porsche South Orlando, where I bought the car. It took several weeks before I found time to make the trip to Orlando.

The dealership makes it very easy to schedule a service appointment. Earlier in the week, I simply went to their website, entered my car information, and picked a day and exact time for my appointment. I didn’t need to speak to anyone.

Never certain what the highway construction and traffic will be like in Orlando, I left home early. The day was sunny and cool and there were no major delays, so I arrived about an hour early for my one o’clock appointment. No problem, they took me right away. Tony in Service was very friendly and helpful, answering several questions I had saved up since I bought the Boxster last June (2019).

Porsche Boxster and 911

After they inspected my car, Tony texted me a list of the primary and recommended services. Because my car still has low mileage, I opted only for the primary service which included an oil change, oil filter, two rings, and a sealing plug. They also topped off all fluids and set the tires to the correct pressure. Plus, they gave my car a complimentary car wash.

Porsche Boxster on Lift

While I waited, I had a look around the beautiful dealership. The modern building is spacious and spotless and filled with amazing cars, of course. The Service area was entirely visible through huge glass walls and saw my car on the lift. I always like to photograph my cars during servicing. Then I found a seat to read while I waited. My view was the rear of a pretty yellow Porsche 911 Speedster just inside the front door.

Porsche 911 Speedster 991

A little later I took another walk around the sales-floor and Parts department, and checked on the progress of my car, which was now off the lift.

Porsche Boxster in Service

The dealership was really promoting convertibles that day, with two more Porsche 911 Cabriolets in the front window.

Porsche 911 Convertibles

My car was soon finished and brought to the Service lobby area. I ordered a small part for the car which they said they will mail to me. Offhandedly, I asked Tony if there was a way to silence the loud and annoying double beep the car makes when you lock it with the key. He asked one of his service techs, who hooked up a computer to look for the setting. When he didn’t find it, he called in another “hacker” tech who was able to find the setting and disable the sound. Now I can lock my car silently. This “fix” alone was worth the price of service!

Porsche Boxster
Porsche Boxster

Having service done at the dealership is certainly more expensive than going to a local mechanic. For my first service trip, I wanted to go back to Porsche South Orlando to get some of my questions answered, and for the peace-of-mind of having a certified mechanic work on the car. I’m still trying to locate the service history of my Boxster before I have any other service done.

Porsche Boxster at Porsche South Orlando

So about two and a half hours later, I headed home in my newly serviced, modified, and washed Porsche. I couldn’t be happier with the car and Porsche South Orlando.