Trevor Delivery

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Trevor is my Indi Blue and White 2004 JCW MINI Cooper which was delivered on March 30, 2004.

At the beginning of 2004, I had anticipated on buying a classic Mini, followed by a new MINI in a year or two. However, with the news that Indi Blue was to be discontinued with the end of the 2004 model year, and the MINI was to be updated, I decided to buy an original edition IB/W MINI Cooper while I still could.

I configured a MINI Cooper at and took it to Downtown MINI on Friday, March 19th. I was prepared to order a MINI and wait 12 weeks or so, but Downtown MINI mentioned an Indi Blue and White MINI was on the boat on the way to the U.S. and Orlando. It was very close to the MINI I had configured so I went home to think about it. I returned to Downtown MINI on Thursday, March 25th. After they agreed to swap the silver wheels for white, I agreed to buy the car and put down a $1,000 deposit to hold it. I expected to wait one or two weeks to take delivery.

The following Monday, March 29th, I went again to Downtown MINI to fill out the application and to order my dealer accessories. As I got out of my truck, I noticed a new Indi Blue and White MINI parked outside. I went for a closer look and noticed it was just like mine was going to be. Then I saw the VIN which seemed very familiar. Looking at the order sheet in my hand, I realized that this was my MINI. It had already arrived. I hadn’t brought a camera, but I did have my mobile phone and took a few photos with it:

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At this point, the MINI still had its original silver wheels and no bonnet stripes. It also was quite dirty from its long trip from Oxford, England.Still very surprised that my MINI had already arrived, I went inside to find out when I could take it home. After
selecting my accessories, I was told the MINI would be ready for delivery the next day. I went home and got my 1998 Toyota Tacoma cleaned out and its paperwork together since it was to be traded in.

Delivery Day. Tuesday, March 30th, I left work early, picked up Jigna, and headed to Downtown MINI.  Trevor was sitting just inside the back door ready to go, except he was still missing his white bonnet stripes. These were added while I filled out my paperwork. My friend, and fellow MINI owner, Cathy had bought me a keychain and chrome MINI Cooper license plate frame. Jigna bought me
a Custom MINI Pen and a MINI Journal and took several photos of Trevor and me:

Click for larger image. Me with my 1998 Toyota Tacoma pickup which I traded in after owning for five and a half years. It had less than 50,000 miles on it.
Click for larger image. Trevor now with his tag but still with the Downtown MINI license plate holder. That will soon come off to be replaced with a chrome MINI Cooper one.
Click for larger image. Trevor with his new white bonnet stripes waiting for me to finish the paperwork. I ordered front and rear foglights which will were installed later when they arrived.
Click for larger image. Me getting ready to take Trevor home. He is now sporting his new chrome license plate holder.
Click for larger image. Finally behind the wheel. My MINI came with Panther Black leather seats and Anthracite trim. It had 12 miles on the odometer.
Hanging from the key is the square MINI keychain from Cathy.

After delivery, we went to dinner and then I took Jigna home. I parked Trevor next to Jigna’s MINI, Howard, and we took several photos:

Howard on the left without bonnet stripes and Trevor on the right with white bonnet stripes. Click for larger image.
Howard, front, and Trevor look very similar from behind. Howard has white 16″ 5-Star wheels while Trevor has white 15″ 8-Spoke wheels. Click for larger image.

Finally, I get home and park Trevor in his new home:

Click for larger image. Trevor with his front license plate and holder removed. I like Downtown MINI, but the MINI has a much cleaner look without the front license plate which covers part of the lower grill.
Click for larger image. Trevor with a lot of space in his new home.
Click for larger image. Obligatory photo of Trevor and me at home. I’m
wearing my original Sunshine MINIs t-shirt.
Click for larger image. Trevor’s interior with Anthracite trim and Panther Black leather seats. The new cup holder can be seen along with some
other accessories: Harman Kardon speakers, leather shift knob, map light, and black carpet floormats. The leather hand brake was installed later when it arrived.
Click for larger image. A final shot for the night.