WritingI write professionally on library topics and personally on various interests.

I’ll be creating my personal blog soon on topics such as libraries, MINIs, craft beer, cats, and current events.

Professional Writing

Most of my professional writing output appears on my Library Technology Launchpad website.  There I write about library technology news, ebooks, mobile apps and websites, online resources, social media, UX, and other related topics.

I also co-wrote a chapter for a book titled Creating Research Infrastructures in the 21st-Century Academic Library: Conceiving, Funding, and Building New Facilities and Staff.  The chapter is titled “The Library as Publishing House”.  The book is available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Personal Writing

One personal interest I have is cars, specifically Minis and MINIs.  I founded the website Library of Motoring initially as a to catalog MINI advertisements, brochures, books, and magazines for fellow collectors.  Now it contains MINI updates such as facts and figures, events, interesting MINI stories, book reviews, and a bit of news.

The Daily Toggle is an online Mini and MINI magazine which I co-founded and contribute to on a regular basis.  We post daily on news, buzz, and entertainment for the Mini and MINI enthusiast community.